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Commonwealth conference on climate and national security

Last week the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) hosted a three-day Commonwealth Conference on Parliamentary Scrutiny and Oversight of National Security.

The conference brought together representatives from 14 Commonwealth countries to share learnings on laws relating to national security at a time when security-related issues are at the top of the international agenda.

P4P Chair, Baroness Hayman, Chaired a session on the intersection of climate change and national security. Panellists including Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, Philip Dunne MP, Australian Shadow Minister for Energy, James Griffin MP and King’s College lecturer in war studies, Dr Pauline Heinrichs discussed the strategies required for adapting national security policies to address climate challenges effectively.

The session explored the varied and common climate and security challenges faced by Commonwealth countries including the economic impacts of a changing climate, emerging food security issues, and the need to make progress on global adaptation financing and agreeing a loss and damage fund to support poorer countries most impacted by the effects of climate change.


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