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P4P attend Ecocide Workshop with parliamentarians and experts

Updated: Feb 9

Last week, P4P Peers and Staff attended a workshop convened by academics at UWE Bristol to discuss a proposed new crime of ecocide – mass damage and destruction of the environment - and how this could be implemented both internationally and at a national level.


The workshop brought together parliamentarians, councillors, legal and academic experts and representatives of the Stop Ecocide International campaign to explore the opportunities, challenges and implications of a new crime of ecocide for the UK.


Discussions focussed on current work to recognise ecocide as a new international crime which would sit alongside genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression, and for which perpetrators could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court. A crime of ecocide is already recognised by 13 countries under their domestic laws and ecocide is increasingly being discussed both at the international and national levels with bills being introduced or proposals discussed in national parliaments. 


The workshop discussed recent developments in the UK to recognise a crime of ecocide.  P4P Vice Chair Baroness Boycott recently introduced an Ecocide Bill Private Member’s Bill in the Lords which would introduce a new offence into the criminal law framework, and Monica Lennon (MSP for Central Scotland) has proposed a (Proposed) Ecocide (Prevention) (Scotland) Bill in Scotland which is currently being consulted on. Camden Council last year became the first UK Council to call for ecocide’s recognition as an international crime.


Conversations focused on how to raise awareness of ecocide with politicians, governments and local communities and the important role it can play as a deterrent for those engaged in the most severe environmental harm.  A local artist captured the essence of the discussions in the picture below.


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