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Peers discuss decarbonisation with Korean legislators

On 16 July, Baroness Worthington, Peers for the Planet Co-Chair, and Lord Turner met with eleven Korean legislators to share their experiences of bringing in climate legislation, phasing our coal and decarbonising the electricity system.

The meeting was hosted by the UK Embassy in Korea and attended by eleven MPs from the Korean National Assembly who are leading calls for increased Korean action on climate ahead of COP 26.

President Moon launched the Korea’s Green New Deal in July. The Deal makes new commitments in terms of renewables and energy efficiency, although, as of yet, no 2050 commitment to net zero, nor any timetable for phasing out coal and the internal combustion engine. Korea is the seventh largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world and therefore a key country for the UK to encourage and support through diplomatic efforts and wider advocacy in the run up to COP 26

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