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Peers meet with experts to discuss climate change and food security

Updated: Mar 13

Earlier this week, P4P Peers joined cross-party parliamentarians, representatives from the armed services and wider sector and policy experts for a discussion on food security risks relating to climate change.


The meeting, hosted by the APPG for Climate and Security, heard from expert speakers from the Met Office and Chatham House on the challenges and opportunities climate change presents to UK and global food systems, including:


  • Risks to soils from changing seasonal climate patterns.

  • Risks from sea-level rise to aquifers and agricultural land.

  • Risks and opportunities for agricultural productivity.

  • Risks to agriculture from pests, pathogens and invasive non-native species.

  • Risks to food safety, security and quality both in the UK and in overseas production.

  • Opportunities for growing new or alternative crops.

  • Opportunities for UK food imports or exports as climate change alters the relative competitive advantage.

The discussion also explored the UK’s interconnectedness and vulnerability to the global food system, and opportunities to improve its resilience and impact on the environment - from farm to fork.


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