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Peers meet with experts to discuss emerging climate and security risks

Peers meet with experts to discuss emerging climate and security risks

This week P4P Peers gathered with cross-party parliamentarians and military and sector experts for a wide-ranging discussion on the defence and security risks relating to climate change, in particular relating to economic risks to financial and trade systems.

The meeting, hosted by the APPG for Climate & Security, included representatives from the armed forces, Ministry of Defence, Foreign Office, Cabinet office, Met Office, Industry and academia.

Issues covered included:

  • The role of trade finance and the current deficiencies and capabilities within that sector in terms of being able to adequately factor climate risks into decision-making.

  • The potential impact of future global crises on climate action, with contributors noting that, while projected decarbonisation curves are smoothly curved in theory, in reality they are likely to show numerous severe shocks, including, between now and 2050, potential global disruptions similar or greater than the 2008 global crisis and covid.

  • Implications for political decision-makers of new open source financial risk models which may highlight in stark terms the risks faced by consumers across demographics.

  • The Instrumentation of scientific research and climate data, particularly in the Arctic, for geopolitical purposes, with some contributors encouraging policy-makers to find constructive ways to support collaboration with academics in China and Russia.

  • The fundamental risk to faster action on climate posed by conflict around the world.

There will be a debate in the Lords this week on Foreign Affairs and Defence issues following last week’s King’s Speech.


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