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Peers vote to put nature and net zero at the heart of our planning system

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Yesterday Peers voted to secure important changes to the Levelling Up Bill to fully align our planning system with our net zero and nature targets.

The amendment, supported by Peers across parties, would put in place a statutory duty to empower national and local decision makers to better weigh climate and nature considerations in the planning process against the many other material issues they are asked to consider.

It would offer a crucial and strategic lever for change by ensuring our planning system prioritises climate and nature at every level of the planning process – helping to unlock the massive benefits that action on climate can bring UK businesses and communities – locally, nationally and for our competitive place in the world.

"Putting net zero at the heart of planning decisions is a fundamental enabler for our climate and energy security ambitions. It will help unlock the massive benefits that action on climate can bring UK businesses and communities, whether that is new onshore wind, grid infrastructure or sustainable developments. The government needs to seize the opportunity to amend the levelling up bill to boost high-potential green growth sectors and empower local areas to play their part in the net zero transition."

Lord Ravensdale

The Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill is expected to complete its Lord stages in October before returning to the Commons for consideration of amendments.


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