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Building cross-party consensus: Peers and MPs working together

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The UK has historically enjoyed high levels of political consensus on climate. As we move from international and national commitments to the detailed delivery of policies to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss it is critical that this consensus is strengthened and maintained. Peers and MPs across the parties and parliamentary committees and groups are collaborating with a view to achieving this.

A letter to The Times (18 March) signed jointly by MPs and Peers including Anthony Browne, Darren Jones, Philip Dunne, Caroline Lucas, Alex Sobel, along with Baroness Parminter and Baroness Hayman, and covered also by The Telegraph and regional press, underlined the importance of demand-side policy measures to reduce the UK's dependence on gas through better energy efficiency, switching to electric heat pumps, and expanding cheap domestic renewables.

A letter in the Guardian (11 Feb) with cross-party signatories also sought to emphasise that parliamentarians who are not fully behind net zero are a very small.


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