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Onshore wind ban in England to finally be lifted

P4P Chair Baroness Hayman (pictured) has campaigned for the de-facto ban to be lifted for several years.

Today the Chancellor, Rachel Reeves has confirmed the de facto ban on onshore wind developments in England will be lifted, placing onshore wind on the same footing as other energy developments in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), and committed that the Government will consult on bringing onshore wind into the nationally significant infrastructure projects regime.


P4P Peers have made a sustained case to lift the de facto ban on onshore wind for several years. This has included two Private Members Bills sponsored by P4P Chair, Baroness Hayman, and numerous amendments supported across the parties in both Houses put forward to reinstate the (pre-2015 moratorium) basis for onshore wind applications – unlocking the barriers to help realise the potential of this important technology to lower bills and decarbonise the energy system.


Peers for the Planet Chair, Baroness Hayman, has responded to the Government’s Policy statement on onshore wind, commenting:


“today’s news that the Government is lifting the de facto ban on onshore wind installations is to be hugely welcomed.


Since 2020 I have been campaigning for a level playing field for onshore wind developments - two Private Member Bills and multiple amendments later, I hope today’s announcement will finally put an end to years of delay and lost investment opportunities in this vital low-carbon and low-cost technology”.

You can read more about the different stages of the campaign on the articles below.


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