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Peers debate food security

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Image via Unspash from meriç tuna
Image via Unspash from meriç tuna

On Thursday 14 May Peers for the Planet supporter, Baroness Boycott, led a debate on food security in light of the COVID–19 pandemic. The debate encapsulated a varity of issues and fifteen Peers raised the twin issues of climate change and biodiversity loss, and the risks that these jointly pose to our future food security. The UK is at particularly risk due to the large amounts of food that we import, and if we are to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050 we will have to change the way we access food as well as what we eat.

In her closing remarks Baroness Boycott commented that “if we could get the food system right, we would live in a happier, healthier, fairer and very much more environmentally just world”.

Peers for the Planet will be closely following the Agriculture Bill as it goes through its Lords stages this summer.


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