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Peers for the Planet proposal for a special inquiry on the Net Zero Roadmap

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Wind And Coal Power near Frodsham, UK. Image via Flickr: arg_flickr

Peers for the Planet have submitted a proposal to the House of Lords Liaison Committee for a temporary committee to be created that would investigate how a roadmap to net zero could be established.

This committee would have the overall aim of considing what exactly is required to deliver a clear and measurable roadmap to net zero, including how we can adapt to ongoing climate impacts.

This would be likely to involve the examination of several different aspects, including:

  • considering the governance process and how it can be created or supported where it already exists;

  • assessing the different roles and responsibilities that public bodies can and should play in supporting the net zero target, ensuring there is no duplication of work;

  • looking at opportunities for global collaboration;

  • ensuring government coordination;

  • establishing how civil society can be involved in the process and help to meet the net zero target; and

  • embedding fairness and equality at the heart of the plan.

We hope that, if established, this committee would not only raise aware awareness of the net zero target in the House of Lords, but also pave the way for additional scrutiny of the Government’s success in reaching net zero — something which is currently lacking and reliant on emissions being halved in the next decade.


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