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Why net zero is still the top priority for Peers and MPs

Updated: Jun 1

A cross-party group of parliamentarians, including Peers for the Plant Co-Chair, Baroness Hayman, and Lords environment and climate change committee Chair, Kate Parminter, have reaffirmed their commitment to reaching net zero and ongoing support for green policies.

The statement was published on the eve of a parliamentary debate in the Commons on Chris Skidmore MP’s Mission zero: Independent review of net zero. This followed a debate on the review in the Lords on the 26 January led by Baroness Hayman.

Full statement:

“Over the past year, support for green policies in parliament has strengthened, not weakened, as the link between net zero and energy security has become ever clearer. Net zero means energy security. Net zero means clean energy. And net zero means lower bills.

At the same time as reducing our reliance on volatile oil and gas, we can cut the cost of living and meet our climate targets. The environment remains a top concern of the British public, and we will continue to promote ambitious environmental leadership in parliament, so that our constituents are better off tomorrow than today”.

  • Chris Skidmore MP Chair, environment all-party parliamentary group APPG

  • Helene Hayman Co-chair, Peers for the Planet

  • Kate Parminter Chair, Lords environment and climate change committee

  • Caroline Lucas MP Chair, climate change APPG

  • Philip Dunne MP Chair, climate and security APPG

  • Bim Afolami MP Chair, renewable and sustainable energy APPG

  • Ben Lake MP Chair, fuel poverty and energy efficiency APPG

  • Barry Gardiner MP Chair, nature APPG, Alexander Stafford MP Chair, environmental, social and governance APPG

  • Darren Jones MP Chair, business, energy and industrial strategy committee

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