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About us

Peers for the Planet launched in January 2020, and now brings together over 150 Members of the House of Lords who want to put the need for an urgent response to climate change and biodiversity loss at the top of the political agenda.

Why the House of Lords?

At a time of significant social and economic change in the UK there is a serious risk that the critical threats of climate change and biodiversity loss are not given the attention they need within Parliament. Whilst action by Government and in the House of Commons are essential, the UK House of Lords has considerable power as a second chamber to initiate and alter legislation and to use its global standing to partner with other Parliaments around the world. The Upper House can bring long-term thinking and draw on expert members from across disciplines, from science to business to humanitarian relief. 


We believe peers have an opportunity and a responsibility to provide sustained momentum and thought leadership on climate and biodiversity issues through the decade to 2030, reflecting the latest IPCC timeline. 

Why a parliamentary grouping?

There are outstanding environmental experts and experience in the House, but the twin threats of climate change and biodiversity loss are of such scale and urgency that their efforts need to be enhanced by support from a wider, broadly based, group. By creating an independent function, Peers for the Planet aims to help Peers who are not necessarily veteran environmentalists and to build cross-party momentum that can inform the political agenda and win ambitious but practical changes in policies and laws, regardless of which party is in Government at any given time. 

As well as putting a ‘climate lens’ over the business of legislating we are also committed to amplifying the work of other stakeholders working to tackle climate and biodiversity issues.

We are a registered non-profit

A registered non-profit entity has been created in order to provide staffing, secretariat and organisational support to the Lords grouping, as well as facilitating access to the latest research and insight from a broad range of experts and other stakeholders.

Who funds us?

Our mission has been made possible through the generous support of our funders, who share our objectives of tackling climate change and biodiversity loss. They include Thirty Percy, Gower Street Foundation, Laudes Foundation, QCF,  Treebeard Foundation, Climate Change Collaboration and Pickwell Foundation. 

Thank you also to the brilliant creative team at Given London.

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