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Work and Impact


Peers for the Planet is mainstreaming climate and nature in the political process and securing lasting change

How we work

Peers for the Planet is an initiative run by Peers, for Peers, and is the only intervention dedicated to building and sustaining cross-party momentum in the Lords. The group is not a policy-making or campaigning body, rather we act as a convener and through our networked model support the wider work of experts and stakeholders from scientific, academic, industry and civic communities, working in this field both nationally and internationally.

The secretariat of the group provides communications support and co-ordination for Members of the Lords on climate and nature issues which, before the groups establishment, did not exist. It offers specialist technical support on legislation and amendments; highlights opportunities on the floor of the House to raise climate and nature issues, and produces high quality written and in-person briefings and updates on key policy developments, science and analysis.

Our impact

Since launching in 2020, Peers for the Planet has grown to around 160 supporters and has spearheaded a step-change in debate on climate change and nature in the House. Through constructive engagement with Ministers, MPs and stakeholders, Peers have won world-leading policy and legislative changes in a wide range of policy areas, while helping to progress the debate in many more.

The impact of this work will help redirect financial flows, support development of low carbon markets and embed consideration for climate and nature in key sector frameworks and institutional architecture. Because these changes are statutory, they are also lasting, providing the clarity, consistency and certainty needed for investment in low carbon, nature-positive markets and the long-term health of people and the environment.

The group has been active on issues as diverse as energy supply, heat and buildings, planning, procurement, levelling up, trade, internal markets, state aid, clean air and national curriculum, as well as landmark environmental bills, such as the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries ‘Brexit’ Acts and the Retained EU Law Bill.

But the work of the group is not limited to any one outcome: By demonstrating the benefits of action on climate and nature the group is helping to shift political mind-sets and create precedents that enable legislators to push into new and ambitious policy frontiers.

Peers in the group have also helped build parliamentary capacity and has inspired similar cross-party caucuses internationally through knowledge exchanges with legislators in the global north and south.

You can read more about our work and impact on our Latest page

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